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Electricity pylons

Our production capacity is 800 tonnes of steel structure per month. The production process takes place in three plants, equipped with modern machinery, a paint shop and hardened storage yards.

Structures for power engineering objects:
• Galvanized steel pole structures with power voltages of 110kV, 220kV 400kV.
• Galvanized steel supporting structures for power stations with voltages of 110kV, 220kV and 400kV.
• Galvanized steel structures for lines and substations with a voltage of 15kV.
• Other galvanized auxiliary steel structures for infrastructure stations and power lines in a full range of voltages.

Structures for telecommunications:
• Galvanized steel transmitting tower structures.
• Galvanized steel telecommunication mast structures for mobile telephony.
• Galvanized steel field antenna mast structures or installed on the roofs of buildings.

We have a highly skilled workforce:
- An international Welding Engineer (IWE),
- A team of engineers and technologists
- Specialists in the field of non-destructive testing VT2, UT2, UTT, MT2,
- Skilled welders with authorisations

• Automatic unit for cutting and drilling
• Shotblasting machine
• Automatic drilling unit
• Column Shoe Drillers
• Blasting chamber with the function of spray metallization
• Automatic line for blanking and cutting sections
• Universal cutting machine
• Saws
• Automatic line for processing of angles
• Guillotine
• Hydraulic press brakes
• Mesh welding machine
• Gas-plasma punching machine
• Gas-plasma cutter
• Welding robot with two positioners
• Welding stations
• Tandem press brakes
• Rail Portal

Anti-corrosion protection:
- Paint shop with an area of 500 m²
- Weldon Hot-dip Galvanizing Plant.
Hot-dip galvanizing according to PN-EN ISO 1461 on a modern production line, equipped with a bath with the dimensions: L=7m x b=1.5m x H=2.8m allowing galvanizing of construction elements with maximum external dimensions: L = 6.8m x B=1.4m x H=2.4m and a weight of 3 tonnes.
The possibility of galvanizing - 100 tonnes per day.
- ELFEKO SA The supply of 110 kV poles - 24 tonnes,
- ZPRE Jedlicze - supply of 110kV pylons - 30 tonnes,
- STP Elbud Ltd. Krakow - the supply of power station structure- 30 tonnes,
- STP Elbud Ltd Krakow – supply of grid structure of electricity pylons - 420 tonnes,
- Mostostal Zabrze – Holding S.A. – supply of lattice poles - 170 tonnes,
- Mostostal Zabrze – Holding S.A. – supply of pipe poles - 15 tonnes,

WELDON electricity pylons, energy stations structures