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Welding and laser

Thanks to our long years of experience in the manufacture of steel structures and our modern machinery fleet, we can offer our customers a broad variety of services with respect to steel processing. We provide technical advice and a team of experienced specialists, competent in the execution of difficult and complicated steel processing techniques. Non-destructive tests, conducted in-house, the diversity of machines at hand and our own hot-dip galvanisation plant permit us to offer comprehensive steel processing services under competitive conditions.

The steel processing our plants offer covers, among others, cutting of steel, drilling, hole punching, plasma gas cutting, MIG/MAG welding, automated welding of long components, shielded arc welding, sheet bending, cutting out, heat bonding, purification of steel, shot blasting of large volume components, hot-dip galvanisation, spray painting, Duplex painting, metal coating and the processing of squares.

Selected machines:
Automatic cutting and drilling unit
Automatic drilling unit
Automatic square processing unit
Universal hydraulic cutter
Hydraulic sheet steel cutter
Universal cutter
Automatic square processing unit
3D plasma gas cutter
Plasma gas cutter
Rotation-roller cleaner (shot blaster)
Shot blasting chamber
Professional welding shop
Rail gantry for the welding of I-beams
Welding robots
Double set of hydraulic edge presses
Edge press
Hydraulic bending unit with optional up and down bending
Horizontal hydraulic press
CNC die cutter
Mesh thermal bonding unit
Professional paint shop
Spray-on metal coating chamber and automatic unit

All details are available in our steel processing services catalogue.

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