• Weldon containers modular buildings
  • Weldon containers modular buildings
  • Weldon containers modular buildings
  • Weldon containers modular buildings
  • Weldon containers modular buildings
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Our production capacity is about 300 individual modules per month. We have extensive experience in implementing large modular buildings for individual use.

We construct schools, corporate offices, office buildings and other public facilities. We produce several types of containers: construction, socio-office, sanitary, residential, receptions and guard houses.

The company's operations include comprehensive implementation of investments:
- designing
- production
- logistics service and installation in Poland and abroad

We have a highly skilled workforce:
- An International Welding Engineer (IWE),
- A team of engineers and technologists
- Specialists in the field of non-destructive testing VT2, UT2, UTT, MT2,
- Skilled welders with authorisations
- Specialised assembly and service teams.

Office containers are usually used as corporate offices, office space, social facilities and residential buildings for investments conducted at a distance from employee’s residence. Most frequently they are connected together into a larger building with containers for sanitary facilities (toilets, washbasins and showers).

Office containers offer space for almost any type of management - a single container is 13 sq ft of usable space and has a volume of 32m³. Fully equipped modules with windows, doors, electrical system and heating system allow use from the moment of installation and connection to electricity. The containers can be connected together and combined into larger buildings as well as individually arranged interiors and building façades. In this manner buildings arise that serve as corporate offices, shopping and services facilities, schools and kindergartens. The advantage of this solution is the ease of making any changes in the size of the building and its design. A very important feature of modular buildings is the short time commissioning time.

Technical containers thanks to the robust design are very often used as housing or spaces for all kinds of machinery, equipment, or even entire control rooms. They are installed as part of the existing infrastructure or added to existing facilities or installation. They also allow the installation of a number of devices directly from the manufacturer, they are easy to transport and launch at the place of end-use. They are mainly manufactured as special-purpose facilities, taking into account specific technical requirements as a wide door service, additional technical holes in walls, specially designed electrical systems and air conditioners, etc.

Adaptations of shipping containers
We adapt shipping containers for diverse uses. A maritime forms the basis for further processing; we cut out windows, erect walls, and install the necessary installations. Every container is executed according to a design drawn up beforehand.

We convert maritime containers to:
- shipping container home
- shipping container office
- flats of maritime containers
- shipping container hotel
- shipping container sanitary
- stores
- gastronomic outlets
- as well as technical containers

Our broad experience and the tools and equipment at hand all guarantee execution according to top standards and expectations. All work, beginning with preparation of the project, through technical operation and the preparation of ready modules for transport, are executed at our plant.
We draw up documentation allowing one to motion for a construction permit.
We provide installation, warranty and post-warranty service.

• Quality Management System ISO 9001:2009
• Quality Management System AQAP 2110:2009
• NATO Commercial and Government Entity CODE NCAGE: 2312H
• Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2005
• Health and Safety Management System according to PN-N 18001:2004
• Quality Certificate EN ISO 3834-2
• Qualification Certificate of the Welding Institute in Gliwice (1 Division of Large Enterprises)
• Employees with an International Welding Engineer degree
• Certificate of Factory Production Control for the compliance with EN 1090 - 1 (Class EXC3)

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